Starting Over Again: Endings and New Beginnings

The first time I saw the trailer of this movie, I knew right then and there that I have to watch this movie. The trailer left me asking about the reason/s why Ginny left Marco when it was very clear that they were so much in love with each other. There were also memorable lines in the trailer like “How do I unwrite the past? How do I undo the mistakes? How do I unlove you?” I also love the confrontation scene between Marco (Piolo’s character) and Ginny (Toni’s character) where he told her “Anong karapatan mong hingin ang isang bagay na pinagkait mong ibigay? I deserved an explanation. I deserved an acceptable reason.” All these reasons made me decide to spend my Valentine’s Day watching this movie with my high school best friends and I didn’t regret it. The movie exceeded my expectations and left me with a lot of lessons not only in love but in life as well. That’s why I’m sharing them with you on this blog. (Warning: This entry may contain some spoilers!) 


Part One: The Beginning of Ginny and Marco’s Love Story

Lessons: At the start of the movie, Ginny taught us that if you love someone, you should say it right then and there, out loud (Sounds familiar, right?). I admire her courage and confidence in professing her love for Marco. She wasn’t afraid of rejection. Ginny is proud about how she feels for Marco. Her persistence was also admirable. Ginny was childish and funny but she was sure about what she wants. She wasn’t afraid to show her true self and emotions in front of the guy she loves. I think it is because of these things and Ginny’s innocence and pure heart which made Marco fall in love with her.

Their love story also showed us that nothing is impossible when it comes to love and all is fair in love. Ginny was an architecture student when she fell in love with Marco who was a history professor in the university that time. Ginny may be younger than Marco but age wasn’t a hindrance in their love story.  

Part Two: The Break-Up

Lessons: Breaking up with the one you love is a really difficult thing to do but no matter how hard it is, a valid reason on why you want to break-up is the least you can do for your partner so as not to leave them hanging with questions and confusions. After all, you owe the other party an explanation on what made you want to end the relationship.

Part Three: A Second Chance At Love

Lessons: Not everyone is given a second chance at love so when you’re given that chance, don’t waste it. Use it wisely because it is such a rare opportunity. Be honest about how you really feel. Be brave to ask the questions that you feel you need to ask. If you left someone in the past without giving any reason why, then this is the right time to explain yourself to somehow make that person understand the decision you’ve made. Do not be ruled by pride because it can ruin you and your relationship. Learn to admit your mistakes and ask forgiveness from the person you’ve hurt in the past. Asking forgiveness doesn’t diminish your worth as a person. It is a humbling act and it can set you free from the burden you’ve been carrying all this time. Don’t be afraid of rejections. Even if the person you’ve hurt doesn’t want to forgive you at the moment, what is important is that you did your part in saying sorry and asking for that person’s forgiveness. Be brave enough to face the consequences of your actions. 

Part Four: Of Closure and Letting Go

Lessons: There are times when you think that you’re already ok. You have already moved on from the feelings that you once had for that special person. You’re confident that you’re ready to face that person but when you’re already in front of that person, it’s as if all the feelings that you once had for him/her are returning all at once. You try to ignore and avoid the feelings but the more you do so, the more the feelings get stronger leaving you feeling confused and you tend to wonder why such things are happening. The movie answered this by pointing out that you’re feeling that way because you are still hoping inside. You’re secretly wishing and hoping that you still have your second chance to end up together. Hope is usually a positive thing but the movie showed us a different side to it. Hoping is good but too much of this can also be a poison, a drug that can get you addicted. It can hinder you from doing what you’re supposed to do like letting go and moving on. Sometimes, hope covers up the hurt and pain that you don’t want to feel but at the same time, it also blinds you from reality. You need to stop hoping so that you will see what’s real and acknowledge what you need to do. 

Part Five: On Love and Waiting

Lessons: There are different kinds of love. There’s a kind of love that is grand, romantic, and exciting, but there’s also the quiet and boring type. It doesn’t matter how your love story began. It doesn’t matter what kind of love you have. What is important is that your love is sure. I love how Patty (Iza’s character) puts it during her confrontation scene with Ginny.

“Ours began in the most unexciting way, as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him, Ginny, and in love, there is no fear.”

“My love is greater than your failures.” – Patty to Marco

On waiting: Sometimes you tell yourself that you are willing to wait for that person no matter how hard and how long it will take. You will never lose hope that you’ll eventually end up together. Waiting and hoping is good but because you’re only human, you get tired in the process and that’s completely normal. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you weren’t able to do what you promised to do. The heart can also get tired of waiting, of asking endless questions, and of feeling angry. 

“How do I unlove you?”

Marco answered this question by telling Ginny that he can never unlove her and that he’ll just love Ginny in a different way now. I guess it is true that once you love someone, you never stop loving that person. Maybe a little less or a bit differently but you never stop loving them. 

Part Six: Endings and New Beginnings

Lessons: The movie taught us that sometimes no matter how painful it is, closure is needed for you to become whole again, for you to be able to give your heart completely to the one who is destined for you. As how Ginny’s dad put it, ending is the best gift that Marco gave Ginny because by that she can start anew without any questions left in her mind and in her heart. While time is the best gift Ginny can give herself – time to forgive herself and time to grow up. Even though Ginny and Marco didn’t end up together, the movie still ended on a happy note by showing us that there’s a person meant for each of us and he or she is just there somewhere waiting for the right time. After all, everyone deserves a happy ending! 🙂

Engineer Cojuangco (Paul Soriano’s character): “Pasensya na at ngayon lang ako dumating.” ❤

Ginny: “Your timing is just perfect!”